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Your property dictates a higher level of service, public relations, and an officer that is dedicated to your property. Our company feels confident that we are uniquely qualified to meet your requirements. Below are some specific reasons we believe Merson & Associates Inc is best suited to provide services for you and your corporation.

1. Quality Personnel.

Merson & Associates Inc takes extreme measures to ensure we hire only top quality candidates. Our continued success is based on the fact we hire the best people and maintain the lowest turnover rate in the industry.

2. We Take Care Of Our Most Important Assets

Merson & Associates Inc recognizes that we are only as strong as our weakest link. Along with providing our staff higher pay, we also provide the following benefits:

                    * Paid Vacations               * Uniforms                         * Overtime Pay
                    * Achievement Awards     * Medical Insurance          * Training    

3. The Ability To Exceed Our Clients Expectations.

We treat each client as a unique account with special requirements. Our goal is to identify each client’s needs and create a security program that will cater to those needs. This individual training coupled with our belief that entails finding good people, treating them fairly and training them well, ensures our clients receive the very best service available.

4. Account Management.

Merson & Associates Inc has created an account management program untouched by any of our competition. TPSS maintains a division of only the most qualified managers who have a sole responsibility to ensure our clients are completely satisfied. Each manager is in charge of only a select few accounts and spends time with both our clients and our staffto ensure communication is maintained. This is one of several methods we practice to ensure our thumb is always on the pulse of our accounts.

5. Quality Control.

Merson & Associates Inc has developed a “secret shopper” program to assist us in our mission to provide top quality services. These select people visit our job locations in plain clothing unbeknownst to the on-site personnel. Their job is to grade the staff based on appearance, client service skills, post knowledge, and overall performance. These results are presented to our administrators for review. Often favorable results will determine bonuses and rewards.   

6. Optional Services.

           Complete investigative and personal security services
           Backgrounds, interviews, workplace violence  
           Worker’s compensation surveillance, thefts-criminal
           Threats, stalking, financial (limited to public information)


Requirements For All Personnel

  1. EDUCATIONAll officers will have the necessary security guard training and permits.  This will be verified prior to placement by our Director of Human Resources.

  2. EMPLOYMENT BACKGROUND.  All officers will possess a solid employment history. Employment history must be verifiable for a minimum of five years. All employment gaps are investigated.

  3. CRIMINAL RECORD. All officers must have a clean criminal and civil record. Based on the fact that TPSS is also an investigative firm, all employees receive a complete national and state record check.

  4. DRIVING RECORD All officers will posses driving records that show reasonable care and judgment. Those operating vehicles may not have more than one point on their motor vehicle record.

  5. LITERACYAll officers must be able to understand, read, speak, and write the English language.  Officers must pass our training program that requires such skills be tested prior to placement.

  6. PHYSICAL ABILITY.   All officers must be in good general health without physical defects or abnormalities that could interfere with their performance. Officers must be able to climb stairs, run, and be on their feet for long periods.

  7. DRUG FREE. All officers will be subject to a urinalysis drug screen.

  8. APPEARANCE All officers are to present a positive appearance that meets military standards.

  9. PUBLIC RELATIONS. All officers will demonstrate above average public relation skills. They must demonstrate the ability to communicate well with staff, visitors and the general public.
  10. AGE. All officers must he at least 18 years of age.




The careful screening of applicants through selective employment practices ensures our clients that they will receive only highly qualified, drug-free, responsible individuals.


Our Director of Human Resources is a highly trained and educated specialist.  He has been trained on strict selection criteria and possesses a talent for scouting the best individuals. Our office maintains a relationship with several state-approved training academics and recruits only those who place in the top 10% of their class. Only 40% of our applicants will make it beyond the initial interview.


Our background check includes criminal and civil history, driving history, previous employment verification, educational verification, financial history reports, and legal verification. Any non-disclosed history will automatically disqualify an applicant.


Our workforce is 100% drug-tested and drug-free. A 10-panel drug test is administered to applicants and also used in random testing during the course of employment. The following drugs are included in this 10-panel test:

  • Marijuana
  • Amphetamines and Methamphetamine
  • Barbiturates
  • Cocaine and Metabolites
  • Codeine, Morphine, and Opiates
  • Methadone
  • Methacholine
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Phencyclidine hydrochloride
  • Propoxyphene hydrochloride


All employees are required to attend our New Hire Orientation Class. This class will review each candidate and test their observation skills, reporting ability, and overall intelligence with a series of oral and written tests.  The class is also versed on our company structure and rules of operation.


Every officer after graduating our training program is appointed to a Field Training Officer. That officer will train the new employee for no less than 16 hours of field training.  During this period, if the training officer feels the new officer is not meeting company standards, that officer will be dismissed prior to permanent placement. Approximately 8% of applicants are released during this phase.





The post commander is Merson & Associates Inc’ first line of supervision. This person is the immediate supervisor of all security officers at your site.  He or she is responsible for insuring all officers are trained on site-specific responsibilities. This person is selected based on performance and exhibited supervisory skills and, therefore, is a veteran in management and security with proven experience in training.  This person serves as a day-to-day liaison for communication between your company and Merson & Associates Inc.


This person is a training specialist.  His responsibility is to ensure that all training is completed based on company requirements. He will work with the post commander to ensure all personnel are educated and responsive to provided training.


Field supervisors are responsible for unannounced site inspections. They evaluate the performance and appearance of each officer assigned to your facility. Every field supervisor is formally trained to your location and is capable of training new staff. This person is also a support for all officers in promoting company growth and offering guidance pertaining to incident reporting.


Your account manager is a highly trained security professional who only deals with a select few accounts. His/her sole responsibility is to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the quality of service you receive. This person is an employee who has direct involvement with all managing members responsible for your account. All secret shopper reports are submitted to the account manager.


These staff members are unknown by the on-site personnel and secretly evaluate the officers performance, appearance, and client service skills. All reports are submitted to your account manager and then forwarded to the post commander.




At Merson & Associates Inc we maintain a multi-phase training program. Unlike most agencies, we feel that the better part of our training program should be done in the field under the careful guidance of a Training Instructor. With that said, we also do provide our staff with classroom training program as shown below. This program consists of 16 hours of classroom instruction.

  • Introduction To Merson & Associates Inc
    This module acquaints employees with the history, policies, and procedures of Merson & Associates Inc.  The company’s benefit program is also outlined at this time.

  • Powers To Arrest
    This module teaches the security officers the limitations of their authority. This part of the students’ instruction outlines the State of California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services requirement.

  • Employee Safety
    This module teaches the employee what details become important in maintaining a safe work environment, including accident prevention and reporting of safety hazards.

  • Client Service and Care
    We feel this is one of our most important classes. This teaches the student what we define as excellent client service skills. This portion of our training also teaches proper ways to de-escalate a tempered situation.

  • Report Writing
    This module discusses the importance of report writing and the proper way to write a report. This course includes court-ready reporting.

  • Patrolling Procedures
    This module teaches patrolling techniques and better ways to protect our client and their property.

  • OSHA
    Occupational Safety and Health Administration’ blood-borne pathogens instruction.


Field training and evaluation will follow all classroom instruction and final evaluations are made.





Medium Blue Shirt w/ Patches On Sleeves
Navy Blue Trousers
Black BDU pants
Black BDU Shirt
Black BDU Vest or Jacket
Black Leather Belt
Silver Badge
Black Shoes or Boots (Military Shine)


Navy Blue Blazer w/ Insignia
White Dress Shirt
Navy Blue/GrayTies
Black Leather Belt
Gray Slacks
Black Shined Dress Shoe
Dark Colored Socks


Navy Blue, White, or Black Polo Shirt w/SECURITY on back
Black Leather Duty Bell w/ Keepers
Black or Navy Blue Dress Shorts
Black Boots

All officers are provided with lightweight jackets as well as heavy-duty bomber jackets dependant on weather conditions.


Merson & Associates Inc trains all our personnel prior to placement.  Our training program exceeds the standards dictated by the Bureau of Security & Investigative Services. Our basic training program includes but is not limited to the following:

1. General Merson & Associates Inc Policies and Procedures

  • Merson & Associates Inc OrganizationDispatch and Command Center
  • Weapons/non-lethal
  • Rules of conduct
  • Smoking prohibition
  • Parking enforcement and traffic control procedures
  • Arrest and detention prohibition
  • Procedures for deliveries and packages
  • Adult-Child-Infant First Aid & CPR w/AED
  • Bomb and terrorism threat policies and procedures
  • Report writing and incident reporting
  • Natural disaster emergency response
  • Key control
  • Phone and radio procedures
  • Emergency contacts and numbers
  • OSHA requirements
  • Client care
  • Service with a smile


2. Specific procedures based on location

  • Specific response during a fire alarm
  • Specific response during a natural disaster
  • Emergency Evacuation Plan
  • Alarm procedures and deactivating guidelines
  • Location overview
  • Patrol Procedures
  • Keys and equipment
  • Important telephone numbers
  • Student relations and public responsibilities

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